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Past Webinars

Public Sector Management Following the COVID-19 Pandemic

Since the COVID-19 public health emergency began five months ago, state and local governments across the United States have rapidly adopted new policies and adapted their operations to support a state and local workforce that is able to work remotely and deliver essential services to constituents virtually. This ongoing virtualization of both work and services has changed the landscape of the public sector. At a time when the demand for effective government has never been more apparent, it is critical for public sector managers to understand this dynamic landscape in order to reimagine it, ensuring stability and productivity within the workforce, as well as attracting and retaining the people who make government work. In New York, state and local agencies and authorities have developed new management approaches, leveraged telecommuting options, deployed public health and safety precautions for in-person work, and identified key opportunities to improve resiliency and ensure continuity of their operations during the “new normal.”

This webinar features public sector professionals from New York discussing their response to the emergency to better understand the management challenges and opportunities as the state and localities continue to recover from this unprecedented crisis and prepare for the future.

Reimagining Healthcare Systems after COVID-19

Read our blog post summarizing this webinar which examines the healthcare system’s response to COVID-19 and how we might reimagine healthcare moving forward. Topics covered include:

  • 21st Century Trends in Healthcare: Pre-COVID-19. How have market forces and state and federal healthcare policy over the 21st century reshaped the healthcare system to its current form?
  • Assessing the Healthcare System’s Response to COVID-19. How have these changes impacted the ability of the healthcare system to respond to the COVID-19 public health crisis?
  • Reimagining the Healthcare System Post-COVID-19. What will the healthcare system look like post-COVID-19? What are the policy priorities moving forward?