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A Multistate Review of Government Responses to Bump Stocks in High-Casualty Mass Shootings

Banning bump stocks and similar attachments will not address all gun violence issues, however, it will reduce the tools available to those who wish to carry out mass shootings.

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Pain Management: How the Opioid Epidemic Has Left Cancer Patients Exploring Other Options

Unfortunately, prescription painkillers also have a tendency to make patients physically dependent, which can lead to a cycle of overprescribing, misuse, and even death. Doctors have thus begun exploring alternative options for pain management in hopes that patients can find relief without risking addiction.

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Laura Schultz
Director of Fiscal Analysis & Senior Economist
'I Have Always Loved Numbers'
What are the most interesting or important research projects you’ve worked on in the past year or so? What are the main questions you’re trying to answer and how are you trying to answer them?
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