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Higher education is a powerful tool that can help improve economic standing and mobility. For many families, however, the expense of college presents prospective students with a dilemma: delay or forego higher education or incur significant debt in pursuit of a degree. On this episode of Policy Outsider, guest Leila Bozorg, Chief of Strategy & Policy at NYC Kids RISE, explains how her organization is working to help New York City families meet this dilemma with a new tool: college savings invested in tax-free child investment accounts. The conversation covers how these child investment accounts work, how the organization measures progress and success, and recommendations for policymakers seeking to advance equity and affordability in higher education.


Leila Bozorg, chief of strategy & policy at NYC Kids RISE

For more on child investment accounts, read our policy brief, “State-Sponsored Child Investment Accounts: Helping Parents Save for College, Helping Students Avoid Loan Debt.

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