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Episode 13:
Gun Policy 101


This special edition of “Policy Outsider” was recorded live at a forum hosted by the Rockefeller Institute of Government and features distinguished scholar Robert J. Spitzer’s presentation on gun policy. Spitzer notes that gun ownership continues to decline, and that the gun safety movement is newly invigorated, motivated, and financed. He also points out that there is substantial public support for most of the more common gun policy proposals, even among gun owners. At the same time, federal courts are proving more conservative in their rulings and agitating for broad interpretation of gun rights under the Second Amendment.

Spitzer’s discussion included a PowerPoint that provides an overview of the history of guns in the United States, how the nation’s relationship with guns and gun policy has evolved, current gun laws and statistics, and projections for future trends concerning firearm ownership and policy. The PowerPoint can be found below.



Robert J. Spitzer, distinguished service professor and chair of the Political Science Department at SUNY Cortland. Spitzer is also a member of the Regional Gun Violence Research Consortium, a multistate research coalition coordinated by the Rockefeller Institute. Spitzer is the author of fifteen books, including five on gun policy, most recently Guns Across America: Reconciling Gun Rules and Rights (Oxford University Press 2015).




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