New York State Firearm Storage Map

This interactive map from the Regional Gun Violence Research Consortium (RGVRC) provides New Yorkers with over 180 locations for temporary, voluntary firearm storage.

Learn more about the map and what research has to say about safe storage.

Disclaimer: This map is up-to-date as of the date the survey results were compiled. However, this map does not represent ALL voluntary, temporary firearm storage options in New York; it reflects ONLY the agencies and businesses that responded affirmatively to the survey. We will continue to update the New York Firearm Storage Map as new entities complete the survey or update their survey submissions. If you are a law enforcement agency or federal firearms licensed business that is interested in participating, please email RGVRC Executive Director Jaclyn Schildkraut to be included in this resource. Locations listed on this map are willing to consider requests for temporary, voluntary firearm storage; however, each agency or business may decide to store or not store a firearm on a case-by-case basis and may have their own storage policy or practices.

Reminder: Please do not bring any loaded firearms into a law enforcement agency, federally licensed firearm business, or other safe storage location. If you must leave your firearm in your vehicle while making safe storage arrangements at the location, be sure to lock the firearms in a case and/or store them in a locked compartment of your vehicle.