NYS Statistical Yearbook

New York Firearm Storage Map

By Joseph Popcun and Julianna Caruso

The Regional Gun Violence Research Consortium at the Rockefeller Institute of Government is launching the New York Firearm Storage Map—an interactive map to provide New Yorkers with over 180 locations for temporary, voluntary firearm storage. This tool provides secure options for gun owners to safely store their firearms outside of the home to reduce the risk that their gun may be misused or stolen. As outlined in the New York Governor’s 2020 annual policy agenda, the Consortium at the Rockefeller Institute partnered with the New York State Police and New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) to develop this online firearm storage map of law enforcement agencies (LEAs) and federally licensed firearm businesses (FFLs) that offer public, short-term storage.

Disclaimer: This map is up-to-date as of the date the survey results were compiled. However, this map does not represent ALL voluntary, temporary firearm storage options in New York; it reflects ONLY the agencies and businesses that responded affirmatively to the survey. We will continue to update the New York Firearm Storage Map as new entities complete the survey or update their survey submissions. If you are a law enforcement agency or federal firearms licensed businesses who is interested in participating, please complete this survey to be included in this resource. Locations listed on this map are willing to consider requests for temporary, voluntary firearm storage; however, each agency or business may decide to store or not to store a firearm on a case-by-case basis and may have their own storage policy or practices.

New Yorkers may use this map to identify places to temporarily store their firearms outside the home. The need for safe storage options may arise when they have small children living or visiting with them, they are traveling out of state, showing or selling their home, or they or a family member are in crisis or at risk of suicide. The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), the firearm industry trade association, recommends off-site storage as an effective way for gun owners to promote gun safety, avoid accidents, theft, and misuse that could result in tragedy.

This map provides over 180 local options in New York for individuals who are seeking out-of-home storage for their firearms. This map includes two types of locations: Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs), which include local police departments and sheriffs’ offices, and individuals or businesses with a Federal Firearms License (FFLs), which include gun sellers and shooting ranges. The Consortium, in coordination with the State Police and DCJS, conducted a voluntary survey of LEAs and FFLs between January and October 2021 to identify organizations that offered firearm storage. This map shows directory and contact information for each listing, as well as possible restrictions on the quantity, type, or amount of time a firearm can be stored and information on any associated storage fees.

The New York Firearm Storage Map is the largest statewide directory of firearm storage locations in the country to date. In 2019, Colorado was the first state to create a public firearm storage map through a joint initiative of the Colorado School of Public Health, Program for Injury Prevention, Education and Research (PIPER), the University of Colorado School of Medicine Department of Emergency Medicine, and the Colorado Firearm Safety Coalition. Following suit, higher education institutions and community-based organizations in states like Maryland, Mississippi, and Washington now provide similar maps of firearm storage locations within their respective states. Most recently, Consortium member state New Jersey launched their firearm storage map.

Information for Individuals Seeking Temporary Firearm Storage

If you are looking for temporary firearm storage, please contact the listed agency or business for further information. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, storage locations may have changed or have different hours of operation.

Before taking your firearms to a storage location, please contact them directly for information on the process for storage, any costs, whether a background check is required to return your firearms to you, and any other limitations or restrictions on the types of firearms or duration of storage.

Reminder: Please do not bring any loaded firearms into a law enforcement agency, federally licensed firearm business, or other safe storage location. If you must leave your firearm in your vehicle while making safe storage arrangements at the location, be sure to lock the firearms in a case and/or store them in a locked compartment of your vehicle.

The authors extend their gratitude to Nicholas Simons for his contributions to the development of this important gun safety resource.


Joseph Popcun is executive director of the Regional Gun Violence Research Consortium and director of policy and practice at the Rockefeller Institute of Government
Julianna Caruso is a graduate assistant at the Rockefeller Institute of Government