Rockefeller Institute Kicks Off the Center for Law & Policy Solutions

New Center Will Lead a Multistate Coalition for Gun Violence Research

The Rockefeller Institute of Government last week officially launched the Center for Law & Policy Solutions to help policymakers, community organizers, and the public understand and develop practical solutions to pressing public policy issues.

The center — a partnership between the Rockefeller Institute, the Government Law Center at Albany Law School, the Rockefeller College of Public Affairs & Policy at the University at Albany, and the University at Buffalo School of Law — offers internships to allow aspiring researchers and leaders to learn the use of research and data in the policymaking process.

The spring 2018 interns from the University at Albany are already busy studying New York’s drug diversion courts. At the kick-off reception, they had the opportunity to meet accomplished researchers and public leaders from New York State government and the center’s partner institutions, including New York State Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan and SUNY Board of Trustees Chairman H. Carl McCall.

Daniel Fuller, assistant secretary for education to Governor Andrew Cuomo, announced that the center will be leading the groundbreaking Regional Gun Violence Research Consortium, a multistate effort to reduce gun violence through interdisciplinary research and analysis. The consortium, part of Governor Cuomo’s “States for Gun Safety” initiative, currently includes leading experts from six states.

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(Speakers, from top left, clockwise: SUNY Board of Trustees Chairman H. Carl McCall, New York State Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan, Rockefeller Institute of Government President Jim Malatras, Assistant Secretary for Education to Governor Cuomo Daniel Fuller.)