Kaitlin Stack Whitney

Richard P. Nathan Public Policy Fellow

Kaitlin Stack Whitney is an assistant professor of science, technology and society at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Part of her research portfolio focuses on how science informs state and local environmental policy, in topics such as pollinator protection and food waste. She previously worked for the US Environmental Protection Agency in the Office of Pesticide Programs and Office of International and Tribal Affairs.

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Can Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids Close the Gap between Need and Access?

October 19, 2022

Hearing aids are now available for over-the-counter purchase, but a gap between need and use is likely to persist without further policy intervention. Continue Reading...

Ep. 50. Innovative Uses for Roadside Right-of-Ways

May 23, 2022

Nathan Fellow Kaitlin Stack Whitney joins the show to discuss various uses for roadside right-of-ways which collectively account for more than 10 million acres of land across the US. Continue Reading...

All the Above: The Many Ways to Use Roadside Right-of-Ways

May 13, 2022

This blog shares research in progress and related case studies on three potential environmental roadside right-of-way uses: solar energy arrays, pollinator-friendly plantings, and agricultural crops. Continue Reading...