Laura Gonzalez-Murphy

Executive Director, New York State Office for New Americans

Laura Gonzalez-Murphy is executive director of the New York State Office for New Americans. Previously, as the director of immigration policy and research at the New York State Department of State, she led the design and implementation of unique initiatives to ameliorate the human impact of the latest federal immigration policies and demographic flows, such as Governor Cuomo’s Golden Door program, which provides mental health assistance to immigrant families across New York, and the Ramirez June Navigator, which focuses on empowering immigrant families with developmental disabilities support as they seek to access services to which they are entitled. Prior to this position, Gonzalez-Murphy served as director of the agency’s State Office for New Americans (ONA), overseeing the operation of the Office’s network of service providers across the state, a model of immigrant integration in the country, and the implementation of NaturalizeNY, the first public-private partnership of its kind, aimed at lifting the financial barrier to citizenship faced by New Yorkers.

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