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Stories from Sullivan: #MeToo in the Wake of Addiction

Women who have experienced sexual violence are five times more likely to misuse prescription opioids. But women and men don’t just use drugs because of trauma caused by sexual assault -- they are also more vulnerable to sexual assault because of their addictions.

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Can Marijuana Alleviate the Opioid Crisis? Data Suggest Yes

Policymakers and activists grappling with the opioid crisis are often stymied by budget constraints and a lack of evidence as to what actually works. Recent research, however, has found that legal access to marijuana may be a potential tool for addressing the epidemic.

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Young Joo Park
Policy Analyst
"I enjoy making my data tell a story."
As a Rockefeller Institute researcher, Young Joo Park focuses on institutional healthcare disparities, healthcare finance, and public health insurance. Her doctoral dissertation, “Geographic Disparities in Access to Nursing Home Services: Assessing Fiscal Stress and Quality of Care,” was published in the journal Health Services Research in November 2017.
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