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Stories from Sullivan: Deaths of Despair or Access to Healthcare?

"Deaths of despair" is an effective soundbite — it takes a complicated problem and gives all of us a simple way to understand it. But as easy as it is to look at rural communities and point to despair, it isn’t necessarily at the root of rural opioid misuse, and it doesn’t necessarily lead to the right policy solutions.

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Stories from Sullivan: The Other Family Separation Crisis

Even though adults are the ones with addictions, a closer look at foster care suggests that children may be paying the price. Foster care is expensive and — even with good placements — the effects can be far-reaching and long-lasting.

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Laura Schultz
Director of Fiscal Analysis & Senior Economist
'I Have Always Loved Numbers'
What are the most interesting or important research projects you’ve worked on in the past year or so? What are the main questions you’re trying to answer and how are you trying to answer them?
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