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The Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government

Sunday, February 19, 2017
Research and Data
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Research and Data

The ACA Implementation Research Network

This field research network of indigenous state experts on health policy and public management includes teams in 35 states. The Network was established to analyze the implementation of the ACA and provide close-observation findings, now and for years to come.

State and Local Government Finance

Important developments in state fiscal policy. Our quarterly State Revenue Report – plus Fiscal Features on topics such as gambling revenue to the states, and the relationship between economic trends and state revenues. Data tables are downloadable.

Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations

The changing roles of state and local governments in America — and the relationships between the national government, on the one hand, and state and local governments, on the other.

New York State Statistics

Our popular New York State Statistical Yearbook, providing a vast array of data ranging from population and health statistics to information on education and the economy. Read the data online; order the 788-page Yearbook in print; or select and download spreadsheet tables.

New York State Government

Papers and forums on New York State policy, governmental management and reform, and economic trends. Recent updates include discussions of constitutional issues around gubernatorial succession, and the prospects for a coordinated state transportation policy.

Health Care

Our Health Policy Studies features topics including access to health insurance coverage; variations among states in long-term care spending; Medicaid finance; and intergovernmental relations in health policy.


Accountability, standards and assessments in K-12 education. State and local education finance. The role of community colleges. Trends in higher education management and accountability. And more.

Homeland Security Outside the Beltway

The Homeland Security Outside the Beltway project is a network of researchers and organizations who perform research, training and education, and community engagement around a wide range of homeland security matters of concern to state and local governments.

Faith-Based Social Services

Our Roundtable on Religion and Social Welfare Policy provides updates and dialogue on the role of faith-based organizations in America’s social welfare system.

Workforce, Welfare, and Social Services

Studies of the implementation of federal and state welfare reform and work requirements.

Cities and Neighborhoods

Disparities in social and economic conditions between cities and surrounding communities. The incidence of extreme poverty in America’s urban areas. And more.