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The Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government

New York State Government: Program Management

Program Management

Quicker Better Cheaper? Managing Performance in American Government

Dall Forsythe (editor), Rockefeller Institute Press, 2001.
This volume is a rich compendium of experience and diverse views about systems for introducing greater rationality in American governmental systems. With contributions from skeptics as well as proponents, it adds to the debate over the utility of performance management in American government. Focusing on the Government Performance and Results Act of 1993 (GPRA), the authors also analyze performance budgeting and management in states and local governments.
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Managing Welfare Reform in Five States: The Challenge of Devolution

Sarah Liebschutz (editor), The Rockefeller Institute Press, 2000.
The Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 presented challenges to all states to alter their welfare programs and management systems. This book analyzes the responses of five states to those challenges. The book features similarities as well as differences in their implementation of welfare reform, within the context of their distinctive historical, political, cultural, economic and demographic experiences.
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Social Science in Government

Richard P. Nathan, The Rockefeller Institute Press, 2000.
This book presents a lively retrospective account of a career as an inner and outer in American government and academe by a social scientist who has spent many years conducting evaluation studies of what works — and what doesn't work — in domestic public affairs. The book uses rich histories of prominent policy issues and descriptions of major studies of welfare and job programs to bring to life crucial questions about how social science can best serve social policy.
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Handbook for Appointed Officials in America's Governments

Richard P. Nathan, Rockefeller Institute Press, 2000.
In American governments, unlike in other countries, there are thick layers of officials in appointive offices. Thousands of people serve in these roles. They are "inners and outers" who serve "at the pleasure" of the officials who appointed them. This small book — really a long essay — is intended to inform people who should be interested in these exciting, challenging leadership jobs inside America's governments.
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