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New York State Government: The Courts

The Courts

Judicial Selection in New York State

Few political values are more desirable than competence, integrity, and independence in a state’s judicial branch, though few are probably harder to guarantee in typical state and local political processes. That problem is not unknown in this state where partisan elections are used to fill 346 supreme court judgeships in 128 county courts, and where party nominations are not always turning on merit and integrity.
A Public Policy Forum with Assemblyman Herman D. Farrell, Jr., Chair, Assembly Committee on Ways and Means. March 13, 2006

Filling Vacancies on the NYS Court of Appeals: Selection Under the "Nonpolitical Merit" Appointment System

A Public Policy Forum with Vincent M. Bonventre, Professor of Law, Albany Law School. November 29, 2006

Court Reform in New York State

After stressing the importance of the independence of the judiciary, Judge Lippman focuses on four areas of court reform efforts: 1) Judicial election; 2) Judicial discipline; 3) Court restructuring and problem-solving justice; and 4) Judicial salary reform.
A Public Policy Forum with Jonathan Lippman, Chief Administrative Judge, New York State Unified Court System, May 17, 2005