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Elizabeth Lynam

Deputy Research Director, Citizens Budget Commission

A Five-Year Plan to Eliminate New York's Structural Deficit?

April 19, 2010

Lieutenant Governor Richard Ravitch has outlined a five-year financial plan under which New York State would be required to achieve and maintain structural budgetary balance. Leaders in the state Senate and Assembly have offered their own proposals for budget reform. This Institute forum brought together leading members of the Senate and Assembly majorities, and independent fiscal experts, to comment on the plan. On the whole, Lynam said, the Citizens Budget Commission supports the five-year financial plan, but wants to be sure that the state is not allowed to borrow money to close its budget gap without putting other reforms in place.

Video of Senator Liz Krueger
Video of Assemblyman Herman D. Farrell
Video of Q&A session following presentations by Krueger and Farrell

Video of E.J. McMahon, director of the Empire Center for New York State Policy
Video of Frank J. Mauro, executive director of the Fiscal Policy Institute
Video of Q&A session following presentations by Lynam, McMahon and Mauro