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The Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government

Research Staff

Research Staff
Jim Malatras, President
Thomas Gais, Director
Patricia Strach, Deputy Director for Research
Katie Zuber, Assistant Director of Policy and Research

Education Studies
Alan Wagner, Director
Bruce Johnstone, Senior Fellow
Jason Lane, Senior Fellow
Hamp Lankford, Senior Fellow
Lucy Sorensen, Faculty Fellow
Teniell Trolian, Visiting Fellow
Jonathan Gagliardi, Visiting Fellow
Hal Lawson, Visiting Fellow
Ruirui Sun, Research Analyst

Center for Education Pipeline Systems Change
Nancy L. Zimpher, Senior Fellow
Stacey Hengsterman, Chief External Relations Officer

Fiscal Policy
Lucy Dadayan, Senior Research Scientist
David Matkin, Faculty Fellow
Young Joo Park, Fiscal Policy Analyst
Laura Schultz, Senior Fellow
Elizabeth Searing, Faculty Fellow
Gang Chen, Visiting Fellow
Jim DeWan, Visiting Fellow
Brian Stenson, Visiting Fellow
Yimeng Yin, Programmer and Research Analyst

Health Policy Studies
Richard Nathan, Senior Fellow
Ashley Fox, Visiting Fellow
Michael K. Gusmano, Visiting Fellow
John Kaelin, Visiting Fellow

Local Government
Bill Finch, Visiting Climate Fellow

Center for Law and Policy Solutions
Swati Desai, Senior Fellow
Rus Sykes, Visiting Fellow
Jeremy Creelan, Visiting Fellow
Jeffrey Wice, Visiting Fellow
Joe Popcun, Visiting Fellow
Maria Segura, Student Intern
Prijenett Flores, Student Intern
Joel Lopez, Student Intern
Giliean Pemble-Flood, Student Intern
Hannah Riegel, Student Intern