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Local Government Studies - Presentations and media links
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Local governments provide most of the public services New Yorkers depend on. Yet many of the state's local governments have been hard-pressed in recent years by weak economic growth, deteriorating roads and bridges, rising health care and pension costs, natural disasters, and growing demands for educational improvement. To better understand how we can improve the capacities of local governments to meet these challenges, the Rockefeller Institute invited a group of excellent researchers and practitioners to assess the challenges and opportunities facing local governments in New York.

Full Agenda [Handout]

Combating Urban Blight in the Capital Region and Mohawk Valley: The Shared Code Information Resource Pilot Project by Meghan Cook [PDF]

Albany County Intergovernmental Cooperation by Gerald Benjamin and Kathleen Tobin [PDF]

Pension Fund Investment Risk and Potential Consequences for State and Local Governments by Don Boyd and Yimeng Yin [PDF]

Searching for Policy Alternatives to the Local Government "Pension Contribution Rollercoaster" by David Matkin and Gang Chen [PDF]

The NYS Financial Restructuring Board for Local Governments by Kevin M. Bronner [PDF]

Starving the Cities: The State Austerity Machine in NYS by Yunji Kim and Mildred Warner [PDF]

Poverty in Upstate New York Cities: Social and Educational Impacts by John M. Bacheller [PDF]

The Social and Fiscal Consequences of Urban Decline: Evidence from Large American Cities, 1980 - 2010 by Michael Manville and Daniel Kuhlmann [PDF]

Video from the November 18 event at the Rockefeller Institute [Video]