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The Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government

Local Government Studies
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About Local Government Studies (LGS)

The spectrum of local governments in New York State is significant in size, cost and complexity, ranging from the nation’s largest urban area to some of the most rural community governments in the country. State policy and the state-local partnership shapes the ability of local governments to serve local communities and citizens. Local governance, management, and intergovernmental practices are also important for effectiveness. We have three priorities in this important area of research: conduct and foster applied local government research, assist in building research-practitioner exchange, and enhance local capacity by review and dissemination of innovation. LGS provides leadership for the New York Municipal Clerks Institute –NYMCI, a certification based training program.

The New York Municipal Clerks Institute

The Local Government Studies program provides leadership for the newly established New York Municipal Clerks Institute (NYMCI). Dedicated to providing a quality education program for municipal clerks in New York State, NYMCI represents the opportunity for valuable investment in better and more dynamic local government by enhancing skills, growth and performance of its students.

Registration for NYMCI’s September 11, 2017 training at NYCOM’s Fall Training School is now available:
To register click here.

The Albany County-Wide Shared Services Property Tax Savings Plan (Draft)

The Rockefeller Institute of Government, with the Benjamin Center, is working with Albany County on their state-required Shared Services and Taxpayer Savings Plan. This is the initial draft.

Annual Research and Practice in Progress Briefing, 2015

The Rockefeller Institute selected panels of exceptional researchers and practitioners to help us better understand how local governments can improve their capacities and to overcome challenges they are facing. Among the topics discussed was Local Government Innovation; Public Employee Pensions; State Policy and Local Government Change in New York; and more.

2nd Annual Research and Practice in Progress Briefing, 2016

Researchers and practitioners came together again in November, 2016, to discuss and assess the challenges – and opportunities – that local governments are currently facing in New York. Topics included Innovation and Change; Fiscal Stress; Impact of Natural Disasters on localities; and more.